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Experts in Auto Transmission in Raleigh

How often do I need to have my transmission checked and how much does it cost?

Your owner’s manual will give you the information for recommended transmission service intervals. We do recommend checking your transmission fluid regularly and changing the fluid and filter as applicable. Our standard visual diagnostic check is free. If more comprehensive diagnostics are required, we’ll let you know how much it will cost before we do it so there will be no surprises.

Does my transmission need to be flushed?

We don’t recommend flushing the system. We do recommend removing the pan, replacing the filter, and filling the transmission with new fluid as part of routine maintenance service. Performing routine maintenance will extend the life of your transmission.

My “check engine” light came on. Does this mean there’s a problem with my transmission?

Your “check engine” light can come on for a number of reasons. It could be sensing a problem with the transmission or it could be an engine or emission issue. It could be a very simple, inexpensive problem to fix but, to make sure, bring it in so we can diagnose it accurately.

I think my transmission is slipping, resulting in my car jerking when shifting. Do I need to have my transmission rebuilt?

These symptoms can have multiple causes. The only way we can accurately pinpoint the exact cause is to complete a diagnostic check. Then we'll know if a quick repair is all that is needed or if a complete overhaul is required to take care of the problem.

Is it better to rebuild or replace the transmission?

Because today’s transmissions are calibrated to the vehicles' computers, we recommend rebuilding the existing transmission instead of replacing it. It is also significantly less expensive.

Do you offer a warranty on your transmission overhauls?

We sure do! Our warranty, the best in the area, provides coverage for 36 months/36,000 miles on parts and labor, whichever comes first.

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